Incorporation of GmbH with Recht 24/7

Published On: 04.May.2023Categories: Family & Friends1 min read GmbH
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Christina Schröder writes about legal topics for the Love & Law Blog at Recht 24/7.

The success story of GmbH

What does our company do? What is our business model?

We offer a potent microdosing alternative for self-awareness, safe and effective, based on classical Mediterranean plants – in the form of SELFCONNECTION SUPPLEMENT.

Let’s experience ourselves and rediscover our true SELF-consciousness – with the over 6 years decoded, consciousness-supporting mode of action of classical food ingredients. No distance was too far for us to offer this revolutionary product. Made in Germany.

How did Recht 24/7 help us?

Recht 24/7 was great in helping me and my company GmbH with the foundation (consulting, foundation documents, correspondence with notary and IHK as well as internally with my co-founder) …

I have been very happy with the service, a really well-rounded offer!