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Diadem Europe Services GmbH introduces itself

What does our company do? What is our business model?

Through the company Diadem Europe Services GmbH we manage the European headquarters of the DIADEM brand (the origin of the brand is in the USA) including sales, logistics, marketing, customer service, player support and all administrative issues.

The regions in which the GmbH operates are Europe, Africa and Middle East (EMEA). The headquarters of the GmbH is in Germany.

How did Recht 24/7 help us?

Recht 24/7 was very helpful during the formation of the GmbH with regard to the preparation and agreement of all necessary documents such as articles of association, commercial register application and list of shareholders. Help with certificates as well as coordination with the notary, both in terms of content and scheduling, were a matter of course.

The shareholders of the GmbH are, among others, from the USA, which made the formation more complicated and complex than is normally the case (here it was necessary to provide the documents from the USA with a so-called apostille and to explain the procedure in detail on site).

What went well in the cooperation with Recht 24/7?

Recht 24/7 provided us with top support and advice, even though it was not the standard procedure for founding a limited liability company. No questions were left unanswered.

Website of Diadem Europe Services GmbH: https://www.diademsports.eu/