From crab fishermen to bakers: an outcry against bureaucratic madness

Published On: 17.January.2024Categories: Legal, Start-up & Foundation3 min read
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Simply too much of a good thing: When regulations go overboard

There is a lot of discontent in Germany. It’s not just farmers who are groaning under a mountain of rules and regulations. The entire spectrum of the professional world, from crab fishermen to bakers and building contractors, is feeling the burden. They all share a common frustration: too many regulations that are not only unnecessary but also costly. In a recent article, Bild Zeitung asked those affected:

From crab fishermen to bakers: an outcry against bureaucratic madness

There is growing discontent in Germany, which has affected all sectors of the economy. Not only farmers, but also shrimp fishermen, bakers, building contractors and many other professional groups feel overwhelmed by a mountain of regulations and laws. These regulations often seem not only unnecessary, but also costly and time-consuming. They not only hinder everyday working life, but also represent a financial burden.

Let’s take the example of crab fisherman Mike Adam: He is required to have a satellite system to monitor the fishery, even though crabs are not quoted. This system not only cost him thousands of euros to purchase, but also incurs running costs.

Master baker Heinrich Traublinger, on the other hand, has to deal with a flood of statistics and the complicated EU packaging regulations. These bureaucratic hurdles cost him valuable time that he would rather invest in his art of baking.

Another example is master chimney sweep Thomas Keindorf, who has to deal with the complex “Medium-Term Energy Supply Security Measures Ordinance”. This regulation, which prescribes hydraulic balancing for gas heating systems, causes high costs for homeowners, the benefits of which are questionable.

Rules that inhibit economic growth

Building contractor Christian Staub reports on the obligation to install a tachograph in every vehicle weighing over 3.5 tonnes if the construction site is more than 100 kilometres away. Documenting the materials used for each construction site is also a time-consuming task. These types of regulations are not only a financial burden, but also limit the flexibility and efficiency of contractors.

Brewer Stefan Fritsche has to deal with beer tax and strict labelling regulations. These rules are particularly challenging for smaller breweries, as they are almost impossible to deal with without legal assistance.

Possible solutions: Simplification and efficiency

In view of these examples, it is clear that there is an urgent need to simplify bureaucratic processes. Lutz Goebel, head of the German Regulatory Control Council, suggests that for every new law, an old one should be cancelled in order to avoid further increasing the density of regulations. Finance Minister Christian Lindner has recognised the problem and promises to reduce the burden.

It is time for Germany to change course in favour of more efficient and practice-oriented legislation. Reducing bureaucracy would not only reduce the workload for entrepreneurs, but would also promote economic growth. After all, less bureaucracy means more room for innovation, creativity and ultimately economic success. It is a necessary development in order to keep Germany attractive and competitive as a business location.

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