Our partners

With our partner programs you will receive complementary offers that fit your project and support you in the process of your start-up, your company development or your other project.

If you have any questions about the offers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Opening a business account with Qonto

Do you need a business account for your UG or GmbH? Qonto makes it easy: you can open your business account online in just 10 minutes – without having to go to the bank. With more than 400,000 customers across Europe, Qonto is the preferred financial solution for small and medium-sized businesses in Europe. Because Qonto is more than just an account. Qonto is TüV-certified and with integrations to the most important accounting programs, you always have an overview of your finances and can manage them securely, quickly and easily.

Please note: For compelling legal reasons, the account may only be opened after the notarization appointment with the notary. It is not possible to take over an existing account.

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Opening a business account with Commerzbank

Commerzbank supports founders with the founder offer: business account, card and credit with the business account opening at Commerzbank. The founder portal of Commerzbank and other offers support you as a founder when starting your business.

Here, too, the following applies: For compelling legal reasons, the account may only be set up after the notary has notarized it. It is not possible to take over an already existing account.

With the Recht 24/7 partner program for business account opening, you receive the legal advice of Recht 24/7 and the expertise of an experienced bank.

ebuero AG

Office services from ebuero AG

You need office services for your existing or newly founded company?

Booking a business address as the headquarter of your company can be registered at a top address. Combined with a professional telephone secretary you are always optimally reachable at the location, even if you are not on site yourself!

Whether you need an office for a day in another city or a rented office for a longer period of time. ebuero AG offers you space for undisturbed work and ensures that you don’t have to worry about equipment, cleaning, Internet and all these things.

Book the services of ebuero AG and benefit from advantages as a right 24/7 client.

Mailo Logo

Insurance packages for founders at MAILO

With the tailored insurance packages at Mailo, you as a founder & start-up will find your individual benefits, e.g. business liability, personal liability, property content protection or internet protection.

Whether office & coworker, founder in gastronomy or in retail, Mailo offers the perfect-fit coverage.