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The success story of Black Label Coffee

What does our company do? What is our business model?

I was looking for the lowest acid coffee bean in the world because I always got heartburn from coffee. And so one thing led to another and I founded Black Label Coffee with the goal of offering absolutely low-acid coffees that everyone can tolerate.

We love delicious coffee that has virtually no acidity, so we developed a particularly gentle and traditional drum roasting process that takes additional acid out of the coffee beans while bringing out the full flavors. Our master roaster is a true artist who knows his craft like no other. He has been awarded gold several times with some coffees by the German roasters guild.

Our high quality coffee beans are all lovingly handpicked and carefully inspected for breakage. Maybe you have already noticed that our beans hardly show any irregularities or breaks? This is due to the careful quality control that each batch goes through.

What are you waiting for, try our delicious low acid coffee :)

How has Law 24/7 helped us?

First of all, I would like to say a big thank you for the super support and quick response time from Recht 24/7.

At the beginning, we had the incorporation documents prepared by Recht 24/7, which were flawlessly accepted by the notary without any effort on our part. In the further course we came to them again and again with legal questions and we were always helped fast and uncomplicated.

Last year we registered our trademark Black Label Coffee with the DPMA via Recht 24/7. This was also possible without any problems due to the professional implementation of Recht 24/7.

Furthermore, I recently approached them again with a tricky legal question, and this time, too, I was given the best possible help.

Website of Black Label Coffee: https://black-label-coffee.de