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Di-Lara Beds introduces itself

What does our company do? What is our business model?

We lovingly handcraft upholstered/box-spring beds and mattresses here in Berlin-Reinickendorf at our in-house manufacturing facility. We make unique pieces for each customer.

How has Recht 24/7 helped us?

We found a simple and competent solution to our EU trademark application through Recht 24/7. By registering our Di-Lara logo as a word and figurative mark with the EUIPO (European Trademark Office), we now have comprehensive, EU-wide trademark protection for our products.

What went well in the cooperation with Recht 24/7?

We would especially like to highlight the quick feedback from the Recht 24/7 team on questions and challenges during the search and application phase of our EU trademark. The communication went very well.