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DeinDorfleben introduces itself

What does our company do? What is our business model?

Experiencing authentic experiences with the producer on site – that’s the idea behind www.deindorfleben.de.

As a start-up, we have made it our goal to provide insights into the manufacturing processes of everyday food and products such as beekeeping, distilling or winemaking. Regional products and handicraft are to be moved again more into the foreground. Once with the beekeeper fresh honey spin or the own gin distill. Together with different, local producers e.g. from the Black Forest this is immediately possible.

DeinDorfleben is based on a shop-in-shop solution, which offers local producers a quick and convenient entry into the digital world to offer experiences directly bookable.

Create your own individual awareness for yourself, your family, friends and colleagues for self-made food and products. Gain unique life experience and learn the tools to be a “do-it-yourselfer” – Experience your village life on www.deindorfleben.de.

How did Law 24/7 help us?

As a start-up, we were looking for a competent partner with a fair price/performance ratio early on to make our online experience platform legally compliant. That’s when we came across Rech24/7.

What went well in the collaboration with Recht 24/7?

Recht 24/7 created customized and individual legal texts for us, which did justice to our complex marketplace platform. With the ongoing web check, Recht 24/7 ensures that the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy are always legally compliant.

A competent consultation and support in different legal questions around the offering and selling of experiences and products on the Internet was given since the first minute.

Website: www.deindorfleben.de