The bizarre chainsaw trial: Jens Lehmann in court

Published On: 11.December.2023Categories: Legal2 min read
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Unusual neighbourhood dispute in Berg on Lake Starnberg

In a remarkable court case in Munich, former national goalkeeper Jens Lehmann is at the centre of a curious neighbourhood dispute. Charged with trespassing, damage to property, insulting behaviour and attempted fraud, the trial revolves around an incident involving a chainsaw and the construction of a new garage.

The escalation of a long-standing feud

92-year-old Walter Winkelmann, Lehmann’s neighbour, recounts the incidents with a touch of humour. He describes how he learnt from his son-in-law through surveillance camera footage that Lehmann was using a chainsaw on his property. According to the indictment, Lehmann went into Winkelmann’s garage to saw through a roof beam and also felled a young birch tree on his property. Lehmann claims that this was done at the neighbour’s request, but Winkelmann sees things differently.

Lehmann’s strange explanations in court

In court, Lehmann claims to be an “unemployed football coach” and provides confusing explanations for the accusations. He could not remember why he had used the chainsaw on the wooden beams and claimed that he had not wanted to cause any damage to the garage. He was merely curious and happened to have the chainsaw with him.

Further charges and Lehmann’s defence

In addition to the chainsaw incident, Lehmann is accused of insulting police officers and leaving a car park without authorisation and without paying. Lehmann rejects these accusations and sees himself as a victim of false accusations and character assassination.

Civil settlement and the hope of peace

Lehmann and Winkelmann have already reached a civil settlement, with Lehmann paying 60,000 euros. The trial, which will last two days, could come to a judgement shortly before Christmas. Despite the intense dispute, Winkelmann hopes for a peaceful coexistence with his prominent neighbour.


The Lehmann case shows how a neighbourhood dispute can escalate and lead to sensational court proceedings. The seemingly bizarre events surrounding the former football star shed light on the human aspects behind the headlines.

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