Class action against Formula 1 after Las Vegas chaos – a precedent?

Published On: 20.November.2023Categories: Legal2 min read
Formel 1 Las Vegas
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Legal turbulence in Formula 1

The recent incident in Las Vegas has not only caused a stir in the world of motorsport, but is now also having legal consequences. After the first free practice session at the Las Vegas Grand Prix had to be abandoned due to a dislodged manhole cover damaging Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari, an unexpected scenario arose. Fans who had hoped for a spectacular race weekend with great anticipation were faced with a bitter disappointment.

Reason for the class action

The class action lawsuit, filed by two renowned law firms on behalf of 35,000 fans, aims to defend the rights and expectations of spectators. This legal action is not only a reaction to the aborted training run, but also to the inadequate handling of the situation by the organizers. Fans were forced to clear the stands early and not watch the second practice session, which was postponed by two and a half hours. This measure was taken because the stewards and security staff had exceeded their maximum working hours.

Impact of the lawsuit

This lawsuit represents an important moment in the world of sport. It underlines the importance of consumer protection and customer rights in the sports sector. This case could set a precedent and shows that event organizers are not only responsible for safety, but also for the overall experience of their customers. The lawsuit is directed against inadequate planning and communication on the part of the organizers and could have far-reaching consequences for future events, especially in the USA.

Reaction of the organizers

In response to the growing dissatisfaction, the organizer offered the affected fans vouchers worth 200 US dollars for the fan store. This gesture, although well-intentioned, is seen by many as insufficient, especially given the high ticket prices paid for the event. Max Verstappen, the world champion, was critical of this compensation and emphasized that the fans deserved more.

Conclusion: A turning point for event management in sport

This class action lawsuit could be a turning point for event management in motorsport and beyond. It emphasizes the need for comprehensive planning, transparent communication and respect for the rights of sports fans. This case will potentially serve as an example of how important it is for event organizers to take the expectations and well-being of spectators seriously. It remains to be seen how this case will develop and what impact it will have on future sporting events.

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