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  • Legal assessment of company name by a lawyer

  • Preparation of articles of association

  • Preparation of shareholders list

  • Preparation of commercial register application

  • Preparation of managing director contract

  • Advice on business registration

  • Representation at notary

  • Individual preparation of all foundation documents

  • Examination of company name at the IHK

  • Advice on the tax questionnaire and the application for the Ust-ID

  • Legal 24/7 contract box with all important contracts for your company in Germany

  • Unlimited start-up advice from a lawyer

  • Notary cost guarantee: we prepare the documents in such a way that the lowest legal notary fees are incurred

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Recht 24/7 is the original and we have been helping founders get off to a successful start in Germany since 2003.

With us, you get all services from a single source.

Without hidden costs (e.g. for a management contract or additional legal advice). All services above are included and you will not experience any nasty surprises with the price. We take care professionally and competently of all questions of your foundation.

Processing within 24h

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What our clients say

“The Law 24/7 team prepared all the necessary documents for UG incorporation for us. Our questions about the formation were answered in great detail and we received all the information about the formation.

Thank you for the very nice contacts during our UG formation phase.”

Very fast and professional service. All the service was very attentive to my needs and answered all the questions I had. I highly recommend Law 24-7!

So we have our complete startup up here now.

  • Foundation
  • Trademark recognition
  • Advice from lawyers

Everything mega! Everything top! Serious, friendly, courteous

I can only recommend Recht 24-7 to every company founder, I would not have thought that one would have so many questions during the founding process.

In my case, Mrs. Raithel and Mrs. Maurer have supported me on this way great and the contact went smoothly. All my questions about the tax registration form were answered professionally and quickly. Thank you very much!

Very fast and professional work.

It was a pleasure to work with the team at Recht 24-7, they did a great job of supplementing my spotty knowledge of setting up a UG in Germany, I am very pleased with the service.

A very competent and most importantly patient team.

From my side there were some communication errors, which was worked through wonderfully (and without additional costs).

Thank you again at this point for your patience.

Founding in Germany – the most important facts in brief

What is a UG limited liability company

The UG is the “Ltd.” for Germany. It is the most known and used form of incorporation in Germany. UG is the abbreviation for Unternehmergesellschaft. It is often also referred to as a 1-Euro GmbH. In contrast to a partnership, the UG (limited liability) is a corporation. This means that the company is always liable with its “capital” (therefore also capital company) and not the partner behind it personally. As with a GmbH, the liability of the company is therefore limited to the paid-up share capital.

Advantages of a UG (limited liability company)

The advantages of founding a company in the legal form of an entrepreneurial company (haftungsbeschränkt) can be summarized as follows:

  • liability minimization: liability is limited to the share capital
  • in contrast to the GmbH, no high share capital is required
  • the formation costs are low

You can start a foundation with Recht 24/7 today.

What share capital is required?

There are no legal requirements for the share capital required for an entrepreneurial company (haftungsbeschränkt). Theoretically, you can also found a company with one euro, which is why this legal form is often referred to as a 1-euro GmbH. In practice, however, the vast majority of notaries only certify a share capital of 300.00 euros or more, and we therefore advise at least this amount.

The reason for this is that – in the opinion of these notaries – with a share capital of 1 Euro, an insolvency situation already exists with the formation. After all, the company has various financial obligations after the foundation. If there is then only 1 euro in the account, one cannot pay the open demands right at the beginning and would have to file for insolvency. Of course, this is not the case with companies that have regular income and there is no legal basis for this practice.

Organs – who does what in a UG (haftungsbeschränkt)?

A UG (haftungsbeschränkt) consists of the shareholders and the managing directors. It is also possible to establish a UG (limited liability) on one’s own without any problems. Then one speaks of a one-man company or a one-man UG. The founder is then both shareholder and managing director. In the case of several participants, the entrepreneur is free to choose who is to be a shareholder and who is to be the managing director.

The positions can best be compared to a car: The partners sit in the back and they own the car. The managing director sits at the wheel and steers. If the shareholders say he has to drive to the airport, then the managing director has to do it as the driver. Because as owners, they set the pace.

Articles of association and standard protocol – what is the difference?

A UG (limited liability) can be founded either with a partnership agreement or a model protocol. The main difference is the notary fees for these two variants: The notary fees are about 500,00 Euro more expensive with a partnership agreement. Many notaries therefore also advise a partnership agreement. However, this is only worthwhile if you want to deviate from the model protocol and this is actually advisable. Examples of this are:

  • Formations with more than three partners
  • individual regulations on rights of first refusal
  • Foundations with more than one managing director

In any case, we prepare the formation documents in such a way that the lowest notary costs are incurred and coordinate everything directly with a notary’s office at your location.

How does the incorporation process work?

The formation process is as simple as possible: In a first step you send us all information online. We then prepare all the necessary incorporation documents individually through a lawyer. So you don’t get any forms or bureaucracy to fill out yourself, but we take care of everything from one source. After you have gone through everything, we arrange a notary appointment at your place for notarization according to your wishes. During the entire incorporation process, our attorneys are available to answer all your questions regarding the incorporation and all legal issues. The entry in the commercial register and company register is also prepared by us.

fixed price 695,00 EURO net

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Direct Access to Lawyers

We are a law firm – and have been around for more than 18 years.

Via our online platform, you receive legal advice directly and without a middleman from a single source.

Quality and speed

Quality and speed are our top priorities. Law „24/7“ stands for reliable handling of all legal matters within 24 hours.

Fair prices

We stand for fair prices – also when it comes to lawyers. Good and fast legal service does not have to cost a fortune. With our fixed prices, you always have complete transparency with regard to fees and experience no unpleasant surprises.


Trust – money back guarantee.

The trust and satisfaction of our clients is most important to us – and has been for 18 years. This is also the reason for our money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our service, you will get your money back.


As a German law firm, we are liable for our advice. Therefore we are insured by HDI Versicherung for damages up to 2.500.000,00 EURO.

Clear Results

You will receive clear results and unambiguous advice from us. „Lawyer made easy“ – also applies to our language and our recommendations to clients.

Questions and answers about UG formation

With Law 24/7 you receive all services at a fixed price, no hidden costs, no packages with additional costs. Our fixed price offer includes everything you need for professional, smooth UG formation.

fixed price 695,00 EURO net

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