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The Jellies success story

What does our company do? What is our business model?

Jellies is a German street couture brand focusing on high quality and luxurious textiles combined with contemporary street artwork. We draw inspiration for our designs from the lifestyle of the 80s and 90s, a life full of freedoms and people realizing their dreams as well as unforgettable high school parties are the key words here.

Our pieces are also predominantly unisex. We focus on a purely sustainable production in Portugal and finish our products completely in Germany. We are a community of the young at heart, where everyone is accepted as they are.

We stand out from the crowd, eat a lot and party all night. We are Jellies!

How did law 24/7 help us?

Especially in times of digitalization, more and more fashion brands are entering the market through social networks. Because of this, it is now extremely difficult to protect one’s word/figurative mark without further problems.

Recht 24/7 conducted an identity search and a similarity search for our brand and thus showed us dangers but also opportunities. The application was filed quickly and efficiently without any problems.

Our experience of cooperation with Recht 24/7

We are most impressed by the nice and consistently competent advice.

All queries were answered quickly and we were not charged any additional consulting fees. Thus, our expectations were more than exceeded by a one-time fixed price.

Website of JELLIES: https://jellieswear.com