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Your Lawyer for Termination due to Personal Use – online and immediately

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A Comprehensive Overview of All Services

One of the most common reasons for landlords to terminate a tenancy is so-called “personal use”.

However, personal use only exists if the landlord needs the entire tenant apartment or house for himself or for a family member for residential purposes. In many cases, the termination is invalid and you have the opportunity to take legal action against it.

Recht 24/7 specializes in these cases.

  • Submit Notice of Termination

Send your notice of termination using our online form. Completely non-binding and confidential.

  • Examination of the Termination

We check the validity of the termination and present you with all the options on how best to take legal action against it.

  • Complete written Advice from a Lawyer

You will receive your complete written consultation within 24 hours.

  • Personal Discussion

All remaining questions can be discussed in a final personal video appointment or telephone call (at your request).

  • Fixed Fee

You will receive a consultation with a lawyer on your case for a fixed fee of 119.00 EURO!

  • Queries

You can send us as many follow-up questions about the result as you like. No question about your case should remain unanswered.

  • Immediate Processing guaranteed

We guarantee processing within 24 hours. The average processing time is 2 hours.

  • Germany-wide Representation

If you wish, our lawyers can later represent you in court throughout Germany. All for a fixed price agreed in advance.

Processing within 24 Hours

Fixed Fee EUR 119.00

includes all Services
one time Payment
gross, incl. VAT

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Our Lawyers will Advise you on all Questions relating to Termination for Personal Use

With the initial legal consultation on your termination, you will receive a legal assessment of your situation. We assess your situation and give you a clear recommendation as to which steps are necessary, which make sense and what you should rather refrain from doing.
You will receive sound legal advice from a specialized lawyer immediately and directly. We can later represent you legally throughout Germany.

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Legal Advice on Termination due to Personal Use: A Breeze with Us

1. Order Online Now

Assign us the task of legal advice in termination due to personal use.

Online, effortless and prompt.

2. Submit Your Case

After placing your order, you will receive access to our online form, which you can use to send us all the information about your situation and your questions.

If required, you can also send us documents such as your lease contract, etc. The transmission is encrypted, secure and absolutely confidential.

3. Legal Review, Advice and Recommendation

Our lawyers will get back to you within 24 hours with an initial assessment of your case and a recommendation on how to proceed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask the lawyer handling your case.

Benefits of Legal Advice on Termination due to Personal Use with Recht 24/7

Direct Access to Lawyers

Established over 20 years ago, we’re not just any law firm.

Through our online platform, you get direct, unmediated legal advice from a trusted source.

Quality and Speed

Quality and speed are our top priorities. Recht „24/7“ stands for reliable handling of all legal matters within 24 hours.

Fair Prices

We believe in fair pricing, even in the legal world. Quality and prompt legal service can be affordable. With our fixed rates, you’ll always have clear insight into costs, free from unexpected surprises.

Guarantee of Satisfaction

For more than two decades, the trust and satisfaction of our clients has been our top priority.
This is demonstrated by our ratings and awards, which document the satisfaction with our services.


As a German law firm, we are liable for our advice. Therefore we are insured by HDI Versicherung for damages up to 2.500.000,00 EURO.

Clear Results

We deliver clear outcomes and straightforward guidance. „Law Made Easy“ isn’t just our motto—it’s reflected in our clear communication and client recommendations.

Legal Advice on Termination due to Personal Use – Questions and Answers with Recht 24/7

Why should I go to a lawyer with Recht 24/7?2023-10-19T10:24:44+02:00

Recht 24/7 has been successfully operating as a law firm since 2003.

You will receive a quick and professional answer to your legal question from a specialized lawyer. Directly, without searching and without a mediation platform.

Without hidden costs and without risk – at a fixed fee. Absolutely confidential – directly to the lawyer. If you then need a lawyer in court, we will represent you in all courts throughout Germany.

When will I receive a response to my case?2023-04-20T10:34:23+02:00

You will receive a detailed response by email from a specialized lawyer within 24 hours.

Can I ask questions about my case?2023-04-20T10:33:37+02:00

Yes, you can ask as many questions as you like about your case and queries after your case has been processed. Simply email us at These queries are included in the flat rate.

Who will answer my questions?2023-04-20T10:25:30+02:00

Recht 24/7 is a German law firm. Your inquiries will be processed and answered exclusively by lawyers of our law firm who are admitted to practice in Germany.

Can you represent me in court later?2023-10-19T10:26:34+02:00

Yes, in all courts throughout Germany. After our initial risk assessment and consultation, we will be happy to prepare a fixed-price offer for you. With all risks and costs.

Can I bill Recht 24/7 through my legal insurance?2023-04-20T10:24:00+02:00

Yes, this is possible, of course. We cooperate with all legal protection insurances and can gladly handle the legal representation via the legal protection insurance.

How can I book the appointment for personal consultation?2023-04-20T10:23:07+02:00

After your mandate and written statement of the processing lawyer, you will receive a link by e-mail, with which you can easily book an appointment for discussion and further action. Here you can select phone call or video chat.

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