How this former Bitcoin trader named Trump uses a loophole to run a LSD shop

Published On: 18.April.2023Categories: Legal3 min read
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If you are looking for the headquarters of the “Amazon for LSD”, you have to go through the arcades of the Stalin buildings in the East Berlin district of Friedrichshain. Where before Corona clubbers still got a beer from the Späti on the way home, now only pensioners can be seen shopping. There is a little more life in the lofts in the backyards. Carl Philipp Trump runs an LSD shop here in a bright office. The trick: Trump sells a slightly chemically modified LSD and thus escapes the strict rules of the Narcotics Act.

A young entrepreneur with political ambitions

The 32-year-old Carl Philipp Trump is really called that – and according to his own statements is a distant cousin of US President Donald Trump. The young Trump from Berlin and the still US President have a few things in common: they are not afraid of controversial discussions, love taking risks in business and are driven by political ambitions.

From bitcoin trading to the LSD shop

Carl Philipp Trump has been active in Bitcoin trading for a long time and has built up a certain fortune in the process. But over time he got bored and discovered his interest in LSD. What was only available to buy on the dark web and from dealers a few years ago is now openly available for sale at Carl Philipp Trump thanks to imaginative chemical companies. The substance 1CP-LSD is a so-called derivative of the illegal drug LSD and therefore, from the point of view of Carl Philipp Trump’s lawyers, the sale is not punishable to this day.

Use the regulatory gap

The laws are sometimes unclear, and that’s exactly what makes Carl Philipp Trump’s business not punishable for the time being. Because when the chemical structure of the drug LSD changes, a new substance emerges that has to be meticulously analyzed before it can be clearly classified. Carl Philipp Trump is not the first to exploit this regulatory loophole – but he is the first trader to operate the business transparently.

The risks of LSD use

Carl Philipp Trump tries to justify his enthusiasm for LSD soberly. “It’s a very intense identity experience,” he says. Trump talks about studies that have shown promise in the use of LSD in the treatment of depression and addiction. On the other hand, he knows that “you really have to approach it with respect.” Because the substance can trigger psychoses or latent mental illnesses. What promises a long-awaited self-discovery for some can trigger a loss of mental stability for others. Does everyone who orders the fabric with a mouse click know that?

Political ambitions and complaints against the Catholic Church

Carl Philipp Trump’s clientele is growing, and he wants to invest the profits in his political activities. He was too radical for the Left Party and was expelled from the party. Trump now wants to fight for his goals as a lone fighter.

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