Headphones lead police to the perpetrators

Published On: 16.December.2022Categories: Tech & E-Commerce1 min read
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Theft failed: headphones in the stolen goods that could be tracked led the police directly to the criminals. A search warrant was subsequently issued and the loot was seized in a Munich apartment, where the perpetrators were brought before a magistrate.

Five young men thought it would be easy when they approached a 24-year-old party guest after visiting a club and then robbed him of his bag and jacket. But the rash act was to take revenge later that night. The amateur thieves did not have on the screen that in the bag looted headphones were. Or they were not aware of the performance features of the expensive Apple AirPods. The victim pulled out his smartphone and was able to pinpoint the location of his stolen headphones. He alerted the police, who immediately gave chase and recovered the bag, money and headphones just a few hours later.

Better look closely: This is what location-enabled devices can do

Not only thefts, but also many an infidelity has been discovered because the benefits of location-enabled devices were not considered in their entirety. The practical function ensures that the small in-ear products can be easily found again via tablet, computer or smartphone. The prerequisite for this is that Bluetooth is activated. There is usually an app on the device that is used together with the headphones, where the external products must be registered before they are lost or stolen. Alternatively, only the registration is necessary. To then start the search, various features are available: The location is displayed on a map, or an acoustic signal sounds. Likewise, the loss of headphones can be officially reported by setting their status to “Lost”. This enables other cell phone owners of the same provider to find them.